Digital Imaging week 12

This is another work from Sholim from and this work really caught my attention. At first when i stare at the image i thought there was only a hand using his smartphone. Then i look in the bottom and there is a body of a person and i was shock. My brown eyes suddenly went lighter and all i could say is “AMAZING” What a wonderful way to create an illusion using the body and our hands.


Digital Imaging week 11

When i first look at this motion graphic i was in shock. It’s like my eyes are lost somewhere in the clouds and i am staring at a giant face coming my way. This image reminds me of traveling to another place with the face of a human coming at me. This motion graphic was also made by Sholim from GIPHY, his works really got my attention because he has so many human figures having an illusion.


Digital Imaging week 10

This motion picture is made by  Sholim who is an user from GIPHY. I can tell right away that this image looks insane. It’s almost like my eyes are staring at two point of views. This motion picture also creates an illusion to my eye which caught my attention. I really enjoy seeing things that create an illusion because they look amazing and you can’t really tell what your eyes are seeing.


Digital Imaging week 7

This is a work made by Jerico Santander and I really like how this illustration looks like a human figure. I really enjoy the things Santander added to the face, it reminds me of the universe itself. I also like the background because it reminds me of space.




How he did it?